The Company


Primo Principio is a cooperative company of engineers, social scientists and digital artisans.

We chose to share human capital and knowledge in order to offer ICT services related to the rural and agrarian world, and to the environmental monitoring. All this in order to hinder the digital gap and to operate in the educational, formation and international cooperation areas with passion and originality.

We try to keep ethics and innovation together: we take to heart technology sustainability and we work in order to offer our clients a “human”, appropriated, easy-to-use and concrete technology.


We believe in an eco-friendly innovation able to offer technological tools suitable to face conomic, environmental and social challenges.

We think that science, knowledge and technology are the means to activate innovations in traditional fields that, thanks to the ICTs, can reorganize their own processes in a sustainable way.


We believe that what we can’t measure we can’t improve (William Thomson Kelvin). For this reason, we developed WiFor measuring stations with which we can measure, control and manage every environmental standard and phenomenon. With these instruments we offer our professionally even to the traditional sector in order to activate an innovation that could generate excellent results. We sustain quality and process efficiency starting from measuring the parameters in the field.

We transform data into useful information producing value, knowledge and frankness. .

For these reasons we strive everyday to gather and elaborate data and information allowing communication between objects and people at any distance, in any position, in any context.