Wireless Networks

The access to the broadband services is an immediate strategic aim.

The digital-divide stops the factories, the public administration and the local realities, stemming their competitiveness, opportunity and efficiency.

Wireless technologies are valid instruments to pursue the digital integration in isolated and remore areas. Wireless is the future of the sector and it has the peculiarity of reasonable infrastructure price in the face of an elevated performance.


High performance

Simplicity of installation

Low cost

Simplicity of maintenance


Outdoor networks

Radio links

Indoor networks

Temporary networks

Satellite links

Ad hoc wireless networks


The ability to transport a broadband (many tens of Mbps) in places that couldn’t be reachable through wired solutions whether because of difficulties in access linked to the conformation of the territory, or because of unsustainable costs and duration.

The low cost of technology (hardware) in the face of performances and services comparable to those offered on wired technology.

The easy installation that, without the need of any laying of cables or excavations, is fast, cheap and non invasive on the territory.

The full scalability of the implement that, using a little size dimensions equipment and the air as means of transmission, can be integrated, modified or even deleted completely in the face of reasonable costs and periods.

The simplicity of equipment management and the little necessary maintenance.