Vineyard Monitoring, safeguard and advanced management.

WHAT IS IT (www.wiforwine.com)

WiForWine® is an advanced decision support system for the vineyard management.
Through the monitoring of the parameters touching weather, land and plant, WiForWine® provides information that allow to reduce the use of pesticides, to increase the quality and quantity of the harvest, to improve the management of water consumption and to optimize the general management of work processes.


Through a weather station installed on the field and the placement of detectors that measure environmental parameters in real time, WiForWine® calculates data and gives immediately to the consumer, on his PC, Smartphone or Tablet, the information needed for the analysis of any possible risk situation and for the vineyard management.


Qualitative and Quantitative Growth

Reducing pesticide use and saving water

Vineyard management optimization

Reduction of the environmental impact


Access to real time, agro-meteorological and historical Data..

Historical Data conservation and possibility to export data in table form.

Data view through Intuitive Diagram.

Optional Wireless Modules in row.

Bioclimatic Indexs and Agronomic Derivatives Processing.

Possibility of visual supervision through HD cameras.

Forecast Examples of diseases and risky Situations. 

Self-sufficient Energy.

Possibility of setting SMS/e-mail Alarms.

No need of wiring, low Impact.

Management of field Data and country Logbook.

Possibility to create ad hoc customizations.


WiForWine solution can be perfectly integrated with Horta’s Vite.net decision support services (DSS).

Horta Srl is a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Vuore of Piacenza founded in 2008 with the aim of transferring and exploiting the results of research in the agri-food sector

Main activities of Horta:

• Development of decision support systems (DSSs) for the sustainable management of new-based crops
information technologies (ICTs);
• Development of technical means (varietal tests, fertilizer calibration of fertilizers, new products, biocontrol agents);
• Participation in research projects at different levels.