Vineyard monitoring and advanced management

WiForWine® is an advanced decision support system for vineyard management. By monitoring parameters relating to climate, soil and plant, WiForWine® provides indications that reduce the use of pesticides, increase the quality and quantity of the crop, improve the management of water consumption, and optimize the general management of work processes.


A weather stations and sensors on the field meausure environmental patameters in real time and wirelessly communicate to WiFor web platform. It immediately processes the data and provides necessary indications for the evaluation of any situations of risk and vineyard management. The WiFor software also allows the progressive training of forecast models for the micro-climate and for the specific variety and agronomic conditions of the individual customer. It is thus possible to benefit from personalized and local optimized decision support systems (DSS).


Quantitative and Qualitative Improvement

Pesticide use reduction and water saving

Vineyard management optimization

Reduced environmental impact


Access to real-time and historical agrometeorological data..

Historical data storage and export.

Data visualization through intuitive graphs.

Optional wireless data-logger modules on field.

Processing of bioclimatic and agronomic derivatives indices.

Optional visual supervision through HD cameras.

Mathematical predictive models of diseases and risk situations.

Energetically independent

Possibility to set up alerts via text message and / or email.

No cables needed. Low impact

Field data management and field notebook.

Optional ad-hoc customizations.

copertina quido WiForAgri

WiForWine uses WMO certified Quido stations.

The Quido monitoring stations are a concept of NESA, a leading Italian company in the creation of environmental monitoring systems with WMO certified products on the national and international market for over 15 years. Further information on www.nesasrl.eu.
The Quido-WiForAgri solution also allows the use of capillary sensors in the field and in the rows for multi-point monitoring even in the single agricultural lot.


WiForWine solution can be perfectly integrated with Horta’s decision support services (DSS) Vite.net.

Horta Srl is a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza founded in 2008 with the aim of transferring and enhancing the results of research in the agri-food sector

Main activities of Horta:

• Development of decision support systems (DSS) for the sustainable management of controlled crops on information technologies (ICT);
• Development of technical means (varietal testing, fertilizer calibration, new products, biocontrol agents);
• Participation in research projects at different levels.